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16 Seater Minibus

Bristol has much to offer for both tourists and residents and the warm summer days are perfect for sampling all of Bristol’s many attractions. It is fun to have a day/evening out in company with friends or family members; however, moving around as a group can be tricky at times when the group gets a little large. ‘Follow my car’ or ‘We can meet up at the crossroads’ usually means a part of the group gets delayed, deviated or even lost, in heavy traffic. Travelling together is a much better idea.

Bristol coach hire

The best solution for a group in movement is of course the minibus. Drivers are skilled and knowledgeable and get you to all your destinations on time, and comfort and safety are guaranteed. Minibus hire in Bristol is speedy and straightforward: make an internet visit to and in a few clicks everything is arranged. Our super-comfort minibuses can accommodate up to sixteen people, so they are perfect for not-too-large groups. They are ideal for companies who sometimes need group transportation: staff outings, airport transfers, transport to meetings or conferences.

Bristol events by minibus

Minibus hire is a good way to get to that exclusive Bristol event: hot air ballooning. Sports events in Bristol, such as cricket, rugby and particularly motor-racing, have fans that usually move in large groups, and supporters of Bristol’s two football clubs always follow their teams, all by minibus. Evenings out in Bristol, maybe an evening at the Bristol Hippodrome, are more relaxing when your passage home is in the comfort of a minibus. Also family outings are fun, toddlers enjoy travelling by the ‘littlest minbus’ which takes them to exciting places; using ‘littlest minbus’ hire in Bristol is a sure way to get family away-days off to a good start!